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Saint Joan of Arc The Handmaid of God

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In this serene yet poignant depiction of Joan of Arc, she emerges as a beacon of divine courage, her figure a harmonious fusion of celestial grace and earthly valor.  In her hand lies the hilt of her sword, less a weapon than a symbol of the justice she is ordained to deliver. Against the obsidian veil of her era’s strife, she stands, an undaunted lighthouse, her very essence an ode to the unwavering spirit of righteousness.

Saint Joan of Arc -Maid of Orleans 

Her feats of valor, enrolled forever in history, stand unmatched and timeless. Her fame has spread throughout the world, for no story compares to the heroic life of Joan of Arc.

Saint Joan of Arc – Heavenly Voices

One summer day in Joan’s thirteenth year, when she was turning soil in her father’s garden, she was suddenly enveloped in a bright light. Looking up she saw the brilliant form of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Saint Joan of Arc – The Girl General

Having the approval of Church and king, Joan could at last begin her task. A suit of white armor inlaid with silver, worth the price of one hundred war horses, was made for her at Tours as a gift from the Dauphin. Next came a coat-of-mail over which she wore a cape of steel-plate armor. 

Saint Joan of Arc -Triumph And Sadness

With the first part of her mission accomplished Joan commanded that an altar be erected where the English camp had stood. 

Saint Joan of Arc – Fading Glory

No life is without trials and difficulties. How­ever, if “misery loves company” there is no better companion to wish for than the Sacred Heart of Jesus Who not only sympathizes with us but also relieves our sufferings if we have a lively confi­dence in His love.

Saint Joan of Arc – 15th Century Sanhedrin

For months she suffered every misery and insult. Finally on February 21, 1431, her trial began. At first the start of the trial was a great relief to Joan.

Saint Joan of Arc – The final Battle 

On Wednesday, May 30, 1431, the day before Corpus Christi, at seven in the morning, the nineteen-year-old prisoner was told of the verdict of the court. “Will they treat me so horribly?” she sobbed, “Must my body which has never been violated be burned by ashes?” I would prefer to be beheaded seven times than to be burned so.”