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Volume LXIII, No.2
Serial No. 119
Martyrs of Nagasaki


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The unique painting by Raúl Berzosa on the cover depicts Saint Paul Miki at the moment of his final sacrifice. This customary Japanese crucifixion shows Paul bound with iron rings, hand, foot, and neck, and transfixed with lances. Angels crown him as a martyr and surround the scene with a banner with the Latin words: “Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.”

Special thanks to the following photo credits: Raúl Berzosa (cover / artist); Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP; and Nagasaki-neko of 

 Saint Paul Miki
The Story of  the 26 Martyrs of Japan


The story of Paul Miki and the Japanese martyrs is the story of twenty-six uncompromising heroes of the Faith who gave their lives for preaching the Gospel of Christ. What was designed to be a terror tactic by the government turned out to be one of the most notable scenes of martyrdom throughout the centuries, planting the seed of Faith deep into the heart of the Japanese people.

Christ The King

Christ is King over angels and men; but the spirit of evil reigns in today’s world. Where Christ has ceased to reign, in public and in private, men flout the moral laws of God. Let us rally to the standard of Christ the King!

How Saint Ignatius Became a Saint 

Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s sanctity began on his sick bed when frivolous reading could not be obtained to keep him occupied, and he reluctantly took up the lives of the Saints.

Meet the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan

Short biographical sketches of the twenty-six individuals of various ages and walks of life who paid the ultimate sacrifice and are eternally united in their glorious title of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan.


The Dominican, Bede Jarrett, meditates on Fortitude, a gift of the Holy Ghost that strengthens the will — for there lies the very heart of all heroism. 

Have Faith

 In the Gospel story of the healing of the ruler’s son we should not only love this precious gift of Faith and keep it safe in our hearts, but also show it before the world.


In the flood of our materialistic age, Monsignor Vaughan reminds each one of us that we have immortal souls destined to be with God! Seek what you will, your heart will never find true happiness outside of Him. 

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A word from the Superior.