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Volume LX, No. 2
Serial No. 116

Saint Philomena, Catholic Magazine


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On The Cover

Saint Philomena is depicted as being triumphantly saved by angels after her mortal contest with the Roman emperor, who had her thrown into the Tiber River, attached to an anchor. Saint Philomena is seen wearing a red robe and holding a lily, symbolizing her martyrdom and purity. Special thanks to: The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena, The Living Rosary and Mrs. Kay Corso.

Saint Philomena the Wonderworker

In 1802, the mysterious grave of this young martyr was discovered in the Roman catacombs. Her courageous story mystically revealed to three people, told how she faced torture and death at the hands of the ruthless Roman emperor. The thirteen-year old persevered in her virtue and Faith to the very end. She is an intrepid and powerful intercessor before the throne of God!

House of Prayer

Father O’Connell paints a beautiful picture of Our Lady’s prayer life calling her the “House of Prayer.” The humble maid of Nazareth shows us the dignity that can be ours through conversation with God, as friend speaking to Friend.


The “super-hope” virtue of Confidence strengthens the soul to remain calm and undisturbed in the face of the greatest dangers, confident that God will keep His word. True confidence never becomes discouraged, because it relies on God alone.

Love Your Neighbor

From the earliest days, Christians were known by their love of neighbor. Christ tells us that what we do to the least of the brethren we do to Him. We love our neighbor, for, very mysteriously, he is Christ Himself!

Heart of Jesus Source of All Consolation

No life is without trials and difficulties. However, if “misery loves company” there is no better companion to wish for than the Sacred Heart of Jesus Who not only sympathizes with us but also relieves our sufferings if we have a lively confidence in His love.

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